Although sneaking a peek at holiday gifts is discouraged, a new survey of 500 new and expecting mothers reveals the vast majority of moms-to-be can’t wait to find out if they should shop for pink or blue, and are eager to share the news.

The study by Wakefield Research and Natera, a leader in non-invasive genetic screening, found that  more than three-quarters of those surveyed (79 percent) wanted to know the gender of their baby before he or she is born and that two-thirds (68 percent), felt that learning the gender of their baby is even more exciting than winning the lottery. Once the pregnancy announcement is made, social media friends will likely be up-to-date of the pregnancy journey with 83 percent of expecting moms providing ongoing social media updates on their pregnancy and 47 percent of them posting an update 2- 3 times a week.

While learning the gender of a baby and sharing the good news on social media is exciting, prenatal screening offers parents-to-be critical health information before the baby is born, and is now available as early as nine weeks into pregnancy. The new Panorama NIPT, created by Natera, enables women in the first trimester of pregnancy to be screened for more than a dozen leading genetic diseases. Because this test is performed with a routine blood draw, it does not come with a risk of miscarriage like more invasive tests like amniocentesis.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution