Wakefield staff celebrated Pi Day with a pie bake-off. As a research firm, our obsession with numbers means an homage to 3.14 (at 1:59) is an occasion for celebration—and a great excuse to eat pie!

Members of the team brought in their homemade pies for an office-wide taste test. Naturally, our in-house field team programmed a survey to tally the votes. This year’s entries included a banana cream pie, a peanut butter pie, a ricotta pie, a s’mores pie and an apple galette. While the day was a win for everyone who participated in the delicious taste test, the peanut butter pie was declared the official winner, making its baker Wakefield’s reigning Baking Champion.

“As a newer member of the Wakefield team, it was great to see everyone enjoying a fun, festive, food-centric celebration,” says Hannah Stopnicki, HR Generalist at Wakefield Research. “I also appreciated that all of us were welcome to try all the pies, even those, like myself, who didn’t bake one. I’ll definitely bring an entry to the bake-off next year, so watch out!”

Next year’s Pi Day promises to deliver even more entries, with the majority of the office vying for the coveted title of Baking Champion. Potential contestants have already started considering unusual entries they feel will clinch them the title, including savory pies and pizza pies. If you’d like to join our team for a shot at taking the crown next Pi Day, visit the Wakefield Research careers page.