Wakefield Research is a full-service market research company providing a suite of quantitative and qualitative market research methods. This “Spotlight on Research Methods” series features examples of how Wakefield Research uses specific methodologies to meet its clients’ objectives and positively impact their business strategies.

Rebooting the Relationship: Optimizing Benefits in a Partner Program for a Global Computer Hardware Company

Methods Used: Quantitative Survey Research, Advanced Analytics


A leading computer hardware company recently decided to redesign its partner program to better support its members with useful tools, promotions and programs. The client wanted to determine which program offerings could be used in a new partner program, as well as barriers and challenges to program enrollment.


Wakefield Research conducted global quantitative survey research in 79 countries across the client’s four regional teams. Using advanced analytics, Wakefield Research identified which benefits are most valuable to program members through a MaxDiff simulated exercise, asking respondents to rank choices from highest importance to lowest. Wakefield Research further validated this benefit ranking through a TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis, identifying the combination of benefit offerings that appeals to the widest possible audience of program members.

The client used the results of the study to choose the best combination of offerings within its partner program. Using data-backed insights, the client decided to roll out a universal partner program across all regions.

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