In the words of Barrett Strong, “Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love don’t pay my bills.”

If you disagree with your spouse about this parenting topic, you might be on your way to divorce. If you commit to doing this once a week with your spouse, you’re less likely to get a divorce. There are peaks and valleys in any given relationship, moments of incredible agreement and moments of fracturing argument.

But what’s the most oft-argued about topic for couples? Money, according to a new study from Wakefield Research.

Money Habits and Confessions Survey was recently completed with backing from LearnVest and took a look at what exactly causes tension in your average relationship. Sixty eight percent of the 1,000 survey participants reported that finances were a source of strife in their relationships. Need to ease up on the fighting with your partner? Here are five simple ways to do that.

One in four of the participants stated that they had previously broken up with a spouse due to financial issues, and 58 percent of participants claimed that they would prefer to stay single than to date a spouse who was financially irresponsible.

The research also revealed quite a bit about how couples view and choose to present topics related to money to their significant others. Thirty two percent of the participants claimed they didn’t know their significant other’s salary and four percent said they have hidden purchases from their spouse in the past year.

LearnVest is a financial services company that maybe, just maybe, might have an interest in easing up your need to argue about personal finances.

Source: Reader’s Digest