Hotwire is capitalizing on the popularity of quick getaways with a new campaign, encouraging travelers to “make it a quickie” and indexing the best cities for a quick trip.

The company, a subsidiary of the Expedia Group, has created a website around the campaign as well as itineraries at its top quick getaway destinations. It will share facets on social media and will also publicize it with destination management organizations.

Hotwire, an Expedia Group company, said quick getaways of three nights or less are currently trending.

Through Wakefield Research, it surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults 18 or over and found that 90% of respondents preferred short getaways versus longer vacations.

Millennials, in particular, prefer quick trips, Hotwire said. They are also booking close to the date of travel. The survey found 84% of respondents ages 23 to 38 have booked a trip a week or less before departure, and 40% have booked the same day.

While quick trips are enjoying popularity, though, 25% of survey respondents have not taken a spontaneous trip.

Based on value, convenience and activities in a destination, Hotwire indexed the best cities to visit.

The top three among the largest cities (population of more than 600,000) were Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego. For cities with populations of 300,000 to 599,999, the top three were Atlanta, Miami and Tampa. For cities with populations of 150,000 to 299,999, Orlando; Richmond, Va.; and Boise, Idaho, topped the list. And among the smallest grouping of destinations (populations of fewer than 150,000), the top cities were Newport Beach, Calif.; Branson, Mo.; and Charleston, S.C.

Source: Travel Weekly

Press Release: PR Newswire

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