Starting off the New Year lying might not be the best idea, but fibbing at the tail end of 2014 is A-OK.

That’s why, parents, you shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty if you use Netflix‘s New Year’s Countdown to convince the kids it’s already 2015 (even if you have a few hours until midnight)!

King Julien, the lemur from the Madagascar movies, leads the countdown celebration for “the most awesomest night of the year,” asking his fellow animals (and viewers at home), “Are you ready to party with me? Let’s do this!”

The YouTube clip is just a teaser, but the full 3-minute “All Hail King Julien” countdown is on Netflix. King Julien and the jungle animals party out and celebrate the year ahead, and the special even keeps track as the minutes to midnight* tick away. (When exactly midnight is for each viewer will vary based on parents’ plans for post-putting-the-kids-to-bed.)
According to a study carried out by Netflix and Wakefield Research, 34 percent of parents announce the new year ahead of time. Most parents are home with the kids, too—an estimated 87 percent, in fact.

Party on, whenever your bedtime might be!

Source: E! News