The online streaming company led by Reed Hastings launches Netflix Families, offering curated lists of programming that targets people with kids.

Netflix on Tuesday said that its online streaming service has launched Netflix Families as a destination for people with children.

It provides curated lists of family programming — both films and TV shows. The push to highlight entertainment options for parents and kids for the summer comes as the streaming giant continues to target families.

The new feature offers lists of shows and movies under such titles as “Family Movie Night,” “TV for Curious Kids” and “Superhero Movies for You and Your Teens.”

An “Are We There Yet” list compiles TV shows and movies that can entertain families on tablets while on summer holidays. Meanwhile, the “Classics to Share with your Kids” list includes TV shows that parents enjoyed while growing up.

“Parents will find the iconic Netflix rows filled with trusted recommendations of popular family TV shows and movies, information on the best ways to stream and videos about how other families use Netflix,” the company said.

The Netflix Families page is available for both subscribers and non-members.

“We see increases in family and kids content viewing hours during summer, so we know Netflix is a great solution for entertaining families this time of year,” said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos. “With the Netflix Families page, we’ve taken our proprietary algorithm to create lists we think families will love.”

A recent survey commissioned by Netflix found that more than 50 percent of parents find buying DVDs frustrating because they get damaged, scratched or are too expensive, the company said.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter