Even if you spend the rest of the year avoiding the treadmill and the track, today is the one time you should lace up those sneaks and tap into your inner Steve Prefontaine: It’s National Running Day! The event’s been taking place the first Wednesday of June since 2009 to encourage thousands of people from coast to coast to get out and get their sweat on.

In honor of the occasion, Brooks released its third annual Run Happy Nation report. The company surveyed runners from around the globe (specifically, in the U.S., Canada, and Germany) to see what makes them tick. How do you stack up? Here are a few highlights from the stats roundup:

  • Nearly half of runners prefer to hit the trails when logging their miles.
  • 37 percent of us run to get a sleek pair of legs like Cameron Diaz. (What wouldn’t we do for gams like that?)
  • More than half of runners say listening to music is crucial.
  • Just 8 percent of us go commando under our shorts when we jog. (That’s it? Running sans skivvies is way more comfortable—just saying…)

To find an organized outing near you, head to runningday.org. You’ll also find deals and giveaways from some of your fave athletic brands. Warning: It might just inspire you to keep jogging the other 364 days of the year.

Source: Glamour