Relaxation is defined as “ the state of being free from tension and anxiety…” and for many Americans, sleep and mental repose are in short supply. In recognition of National Relaxation Day 2019, Dr. Michael Breus discusses the results of the 10th annual Princess Cruises / Wakefield Research Relaxation Report and offer solutions for your viewers on how to get their best night’s sleep. The 2019 Wakefield Research stats will be available the first week of August – Last year, this is what the research showed: • 78% of Americans reveal they do not set aside time in their days for sleep / relaxation • 49% Report they do not get the sleep they need • 63% Struggle to get a good night’s sleep while on vacation Breus notes that consuming caffeine late in the day, drinking alcohol late at night, binging on political news reports, lack of scheduling, and simply not taking enough time off are among the main reasons why Americans can’t get some rest.


Source: NBC

Press Release: Princess Cruises

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