She may have said yes, but that doesn’t mean she thought the proposal was perfect.

A David’s Bridal survey revealed that 53% of women would change something about the moment their spouse-to-be proposed.

About 22% said they would move the moment to another location, while 20% wished the proposal speech had been different. Others said they would change something about their engagement ring or handpick different people to be present when her fiancé popped the question.

The “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey, which involved about 500 newlywed women and brides-to-be, also showed that the majority of the participants, 57%, knew their proposal was coming.

Maybe some of these forward-thinking ladies are the ones who took measures to update their cyber personas prior to their engagement. According to the survey, one in five women reserved usernames or accounts with her married name before she had a ring on her finger, and another 25% seriously considered doing so.

Many of the survey respondents appear to be believers in love at first sight. A surprising 44% claim they knew their significant other was “the one” as soon as they met.

Source: New York Daily News