The makers of Monopoly are debating a new set of rules for the board game based on the favourite “house rules” of fans.

The rules would become part of a special edition of Monopoly to be released this fall and be included in 2015 editions.

The house rules won’t replace the long-standing rules of the game, but will be optional additions.

A discussion with fans about some of the proposed rules is taking place on the Monopoly Facebook page and website.

Some of the house rules game-maker Hasbro suggested include freezing a player’s assets while they’re in jail, doubling the amount collected for passing go, and putting taxes in the middle of the board to be won when a player lands on the free parking space.

Hasbro says a recent survey found 66% of people have never read all the rules for Monopoly and 49% have created their own rules.

Source: Canoe