Here at Yahoo Travel we believe that you regret 100 percent of the trips you didn’t take. And we’re not the only ones.

According to a recent Priceline study, 49 percent of Americans who didn’t take a last-minute vacation in 2014 say that they regret it. One group doing something about it is millennials. The study revealed that 73 percent of the younger generation plans to take a last-minute vacation in 2015. Only 58 percent of Americans surveyed say they agree that a last-minute 2015 getaway is in the cards.

In case you weren’t aware, Millennials have a hard time sitting still, and as the nation battles frigid temps, their desire to get out of town has never been higher. Here are some other interesting facts about millennials from the study.

  • 40 % plan to kick off their 2015 travel over the long Valentines Day weekend. In other words, they don’t plan on waiting until summer to take a trip.
  • 69 % are willing to tell a little white lie in order get out of work so that they can go on vacation. This is in sharp contrast with Americans in other age groups, where less than half (45 percent) would fib to take a trip.

It’s no surprise that millennials tend to be more impulsive, but the study finds that they may be more likely to book a last-minute vacation due to their general tech-savviness.

So, the next time you see a millennial tinkering around on their smartphone, don’t assume they’re taking a selfie. They just might be planning a trip and then lying to you about it.  And the question is, why aren’t you?

Source: Yahoo! Travel