Fire up the grill and stow the sweaters- summer has arrived! Memorial Day is just around the corner, and blogs and news sites are all about the trends for the season.

Even with all the news of cat napping controllers and porous planes, air travel is expected to increase by 11.5% compared to last year’s meanderings.  It looks like gas guzzlers around the nation aren’t letting the $4 a gallon get them grumbling either- about the same number of people will drive for their weekend travels this year.

Suffering from the staycation sorrows? Sometimes you just need to get away, and that’s what Americans are feeling for this year as well. After penny pinching on travels for the past few Memorial Day weekends, a recent poll by Wakefield Research for Wyndham Rewards reveals that 91% of Americans are ready to say “sayonara” to staycations in lieu of true vacations.  

With the grill on, hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling, there’s no need to fry anything- your skin included. This year the Friday before Memorial Day is national “Don’t Fry Day,”   having no relation to your favorite French fries or Rebecca Black.  The sun will (hopefully) be shining throughout the nation on Monday, so slathering on some sunscreen this year will ensure a fun, and less crispy, holiday weekend.