Brand loyalty and brand advocacy are the keys to market share and profit growth, and we are all chasing it. We create content, brand experiences, and activations. And among all the conversation about brand voice, brand attributes, and brand engagement, we are missing one of the biggest opportunities to drive growth.

Meet the “CorpSumer”–a newly identified consumer segment who is highly loyal and moves beyond advocacy to activism. CorpSumers believe that a company’s values and reputation are just as important as the attributes and features of its products. In MWWPR’s proprietary study with Wakefield Research, we learned that CorpSumers represent one in three Americans. They cross all ages, demographics, and geographies. They are more loyal, less-price sensitive, and more vocal about the brands and companies they support than most Americans. They apply these priorities in all categories, and they are particularly active and committed to their reputations and value requirements when it comes to decisions about automotive, financial services, health care, and food.

CorpSumers don’t just say a company’s values and reputation are important in a survey. They act on it. Every day. With their wallets. With their careers and investment portfolios. The CorpSumer segment is significant from a simple sales and market share perspective, but their true value is in their influence of others and their ability to make change and move attitudes and markets. Part advocate and part objector, CorpSumers are the “influencers next door”–brand activists who change the opinions and behaviors of their friends and families.

Source: CMO