McDonald’s recently announced that its popular bottled McCafe beverages are available in retail stores, and according to a survey, just in the nick of time.

McDonald’s is giving America another way to drink up as they recently announced its popular McCafé can be purchased in retail stores.

And McDonald’s recent announcement apparently couldn’t come at a better time for morning-caffeine-addicted Americans, according to a recent coffee survey conducted by Wakefield Research survey. It found —surprise, surprise— that Americans like coffee. But just how much Americans, especially New Yorkers, are willing to shell out to guzzle down a cup of joe could explain why high-priced coffeehouses are lining city streets these days.

How much do New Yorkers like coffee? According to the research, if faced with a heat wave coffee doomsday, such as this past week for example, New Yorkers would pay $33 for the last iced or cold coffee drink. Chicago and Los Angeles were a little tighter with their wallets, willing to go no higher than 20 bucks for that final cup.

“Americans love their refreshing iced coffee,” said Tik The, brand director of Ready to Drink Coffee, Coca-Cola North America. “Keeping this in mind, we utilized the survey as an opportunity to further explore Americans’ passion for ready to drink coffee and to celebrate the launch of Bottled McCafé Frappés, this summer. What we learned is that being able to enjoy café-quality ice-cold coffee on-the-go, is a feel-good moment for Americans.”

Rest easy, New Yorkers, you won’t have to for over your paycheck for a McCafé this weekend. The McDonald’s classic  in vanilla, mocha or caramel is on sale this Labor Day weekend at retail giant Target.

McDonald’s can rejoice: Americans still love coffee (and apparently coffee breath)

So what did the survey say people’s obsession with coffee? It sort of uncovered the coffee breath most Americans have when the step into the office. The survey found that 34 percent of respondents prioritized coffee over brushing their teeth. More unsettling, 52 percent of respondents prioritized coffee consumption to showering.

Surprising, though, was that drinking coffee to smartphone use was split right down the middle, 50-50. The survey also found that 55 percent of Americans would choose coffee over chocolate. Parents, meanwhile, also preferred (or needed) a boost more than couples without children, as 53 percent were more likely to grab a coffee as opposed to their not-parent counterparts (38 percent).

Source: Metro

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