When it comes to marriage proposals, most women agree: less is more.

According to David’s Bridal’s “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey, brides overwhelmingly prefer more personal, low-key proposals to those that are more elaborate. Eighty percent said they would scoff at a public Facebook proposal, and 63 percent wouldn’t want their beau to propose on a Jumbotron. And despite their seeming popularity, 57 percent said they would not appreciate a flash mob proposal.

Regarding the ring: 36 percent of brides said they’d upgrade their engagement ring if they could. The biggest issue? The size of the stone — 19 percent said they wanted a bigger one.

It seems some women are hard to please when it comes to popping the question. A 2011 survey by The Knot and Men’s Health found that 26 percent of women didn’t like the way their fiances proposed, though 96 percent said they loved their engagement rings. If you’re considering popping the question, you may want to read these five tips first.

Source: Huffington Post