February 13, 2024 | Blog

Looking for a Valentine’s Date? Beware the Breadcrumbers!

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With old-fashioned meet-cutes increasingly rare, it’s all about the apps. And the Valentine’s Day-adjacent hunt for love on dating apps is a minefield.

While everyone’s aware of ghosting, there’s an entire glossary of ways online dating can mess with your head.  For example, according to a Wakefield Research custom survey of 2,000 American adults, nearly 3 in 10 Americans (27%) have dealt with breadcrumbing (being led on by someone sending just enough texts to think they’re still interested).  Benching – someone keeping you on the sidelines but not completely ignoring you – has been experienced by 26%, while 24% have been the unfortunate targets of roaching (when someone hides the fact that they’re seeing multiple people from you).

Here’s a ghoulish twist: 20% have experienced so-called zombieing, when someone who was ghosting then resurfaces like nothing happened. And watch out for kittenfishing; 17% have found themselves in the less than purr-fect situation of having someone lie about their appearance or other details to reel them in.

Be safe out there and happy hunting!


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