After all the attention that has been paid to cars’ cupholders over the years, finally a fast-food chain has figured out that it can hold food, not just beverages.

KFC has introduced the Go Cup, a shallow bowl designed for chicken snacks that sits in a car’s cupholder. It represents a foray by KFC into snack foods, not just full meals. It also shows how KFC is trying to think outside the bucket when it comes to creating ways of making its food suitable for being held in hands, an area where its burger competitors have had an advantage.

“It was born out of an effort to make our food more portable,” says KFC spokesman Rick Maynard.

KFC says it conducted a survey that showed that 53% of car owners ages 18 to 32 would be more likely to eat in their cars if the food container would fit in a cupholder. And 35% of those surveyed described themselves as “one hander” eaters. The other hand, presumably, is for driving.

Though the idea was a bit of breakthrough, carrying it through wasn’t as easy as it might sound. It turns out the the cupholders in cars — there can more then a dozen in minivans — were different sizes. KFC says its size, in line with a standard 12-ounce soda can, will fit 83% of the cupholders out there.

There was also the challenge of separating the chicken from the fries. That was done with a divider.

The Go Cups will hold any of several snack options, from a small chicken sandwich to three hot wings, plus fries. They are priced at $2.49.

Source: USA Today