Jello-O Pudding is taking a light-hearted approach to the end of the world in theory predicted by the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21.

The Kraft Foods brand is running a multi-element “funpocalypse” campaign to “fun things up” during the days leading up to the date in question.

Throughout this week, the brand is running 60- and 30-second TV spots with a “Fun to the Rescue” theme, and sponsoring apocalypse-themed programming on cable channels.

The ads, from CP+B, show intrepid brand reps braving the jungle to reach a Mayan temple and attempt to save the world by offering the gods Jell-O Pudding (as opposed to the “boring” vegetables and beans that actual Mayans offered the gods to win their protection).

In addition, the brand is running a Twitter-based sweeps. Through Dec. 20, it will randomly select 12 entries per day to win $100. Winners are supposed to use the money toward completing their “bucket lists,” in case Jell-O proves unable to save the world after all.

To enter, consumers need to follow @JELLO at; tweet @JELLO with hashtag #funpocalypse; and share what they would like to cross off their bucket lists.

Jell-O will also have street teams in five major metro areas handing out leaflets to assure people that “the end isn’t near; the fun is”; and is offering cards with humorous apocalyptic messages through a partnership with

Campaign rationale? Food has been “over-intellectualized,” says Jell-O senior brand manager Greg Gallagher. “Fun is in the DNA of Jell-O, and by inserting ourselves in the cultural conversation of the Mayan apocalypse, we will remind people to have some fun with their food.”

Jell-O also commissioned a national survey about Americans’ perceptions of the Mayan apocalypse. Findings: While just 4% actually believe the world will come to an end, 82% say they’d “party like there’s no tomorrow” if they knew for certain that the end of the world was actually impending. About half say they’d be most excited about never paying taxes again, and 24% say they’d be most excited about never counting calories again.

Source: MediaPost