Sixty-six percent of moms confess to hiding in the bathroom for alone time according to a recent survey commissioned by Procter & Gamble’s most iconic consumer brand, Ivory.

The national study canvassed more than 1,000 moms to garner insights ‘on the realities of their lives,’ and gave impetus to Ivory’s new online social community, The Soap Dish, which is located at Ivory’s Facebook page as a branded content/community partnership with Emmy award-winner actress and mom, Melissa McCarthy, whose star rocketed this year after her scene-stealing turn in Bridesmaids.

“I grew up using Ivory and that smell always reminds me of when I was a kid,” stated McCarthy in P&G’s press release. “As a working mom of two, I love anything that simplifies my life. So when one bar of soap can handle backyard dirt, spaghetti hands, and the unidentified crusty bits under my girls’ necks – I’m in.”

“As part of Ivory’s modern day makeover, which began with the unveiling of our new packaging design and advertising campaign, we sought to tap into the everyday opinions and attitudes of today’s busy mom,” said Jay Sethi, Ivory brand manager. “What we found was today’s moms have an unyielding desire for honest, down-to-earth, simple yet social connections with other women and moms.”

Quick highlights of the survey (for busy moms) include:

  • 80% percent think motherhood is more complicated today than 20 years ago.
  • One out of 10 moms think they’re doing a better balancing act than their mothers did.
  • 30% found the most complicated aspect is finding more “me” time.

As for advice, it’s overly-abundant: family (62%) and friends (59%) lead the “advice train” while blogs and social media ‘plague’ 41% of moms under 40.

Staggering under the SuperMom myth, 75% feel pressure to make every outing, playdate or experience a “teachable moment,” while feeling the added need to be experts in “traditional” skills such as nutrition (55%), first aid and medicine (49%), technology (41%), social media (35%) and pop culture (25%).

  • 77% prefer being a “cool mom” over a “hot mom.” 83% of full-time working moms think they have it hardest while 60% of stay-at-home moms think they do.
  • 64% of working moms want their daughters to be working moms while 53% of stay-at-home mothers would prefer their daughters to be a stay-at-home mom.
  • 60% of moms think taxes are easier than middle school math homework.

The Soap Dish is “a light-hearted social community that offers women an outlet to share in the everyday humor and honesty of their lives in an unapologetic manner.”

Complete survey questions and results will be shared on The Soap Dish.

One final note, 70% of moms feel others think they have it all under control – even when they don’t. (Only 70%?! Now that’s news…)

Source: Brandchannel