If you’re getting married anytime soon, you better be web-savvy. If you want to try on bridal shoes, you have to order 10 pairs online, try ’em on at home, and then ship ’em back, because brick and mortar stores don’t carry them anymore. If you want cool ideas for centerpieces, you should probably have a Pinterest account. And if you want to find a really unique pair of vintage-inspired earrings, you’ll probably want to look no further than Etsy. But what about those actual “I do”s? Shouldn’t thosetake place OFFLINE? Nah, not necessarily!

Apparently, 49 percent of study participants who contributed to recent report by David’s Bridal would be cool with Skype-ing their weddingFor real?!

Now, they don’t specify if that means broadcasting the wedding via webcam or actually saying their vows to one another from separate computers and locations. But either way, whhhhhyyyyy? Seriously, in this increasingly technologically-dependent world, can’t some things remain sacred? Like vowing to spend the rest of your life with someone and sharing that moment with your nearest and dearest?

As much as family and friends can drive you crazy leading up to and on the Big Day, having them present in person is a huge part of actually having a wedding in the first place. And the idea of saying “I do” across a Wi-Fi connection is just plain insane. Unless, of course, dramatic circumstances demand it — like someone is in the military, confined to a hospital, or is stuck in another country due to Elizabeth Gilbert-esque visa problems. But how often is that the case? More likely, people are considering Skype weddings for the novelty of it or because they think it’ll allow them to share with even more people. But what they’re sharing will be so cheapened by the mere fact that they’re putting it on the Internet.

At the best weddings I’ve ever been to, you could feel the tension in the air, the glimmer of the bride’s earrings or the tears in her father’s eyes. The breeze or the heat of the sun or the glow of the church all made the event all the more amazing. And how does the smashing of the glass at a Jewish wedding (“Mazel tov!”) or kissing of the bride work at “Skype wedding”?!

I mean, really now. Let’s cut the crazy, back awaaay from the smartphones, power down those laptops, and walk down a real aisle, people! Cuz there may actually be nothing more disgraceful and absurd than this.

Source: The Stir by CafeMom