Liqueur brand Kahlúa has unveiled a new campaign that pokes fun at everyone’s favorite social media vanity metric: likes.

“Our brand has always been very unserious, kind of quirky and fun,” says Troy Gorczyca, Kahlúa brand director for parent company Pernod Ricard USA. “Life had gotten so serious with politics, social media and trying to get that perfect photograph. It gave us a good opportunity.”

Kahlúa’s Zero Likes Given campaign debuts Wednesday, with Droga5 serving as the creative agency.

Actress Jackie Cruz of Orange Is the New Black is providing some celebrity sizzle to help spread the message of enjoying life in the moment instead of worrying about likes and social media.

Gorczyca says Cruz has an “unfiltered personality, both on- and off-screen, and she was an organic fit for the campaign and the brand.”

The campaign will include an exhibition of images posted to Instagram from around the world that received exactly zero likes, curated by Cruz.

People can go to Kahlúa’s website to secure free tickets to the event, which will be held July 25-28 at 198 Allen St. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Kahlúa also commissioned a survey of roughly 1,000 U.S. millennials by Wakefield Research last month to dig into the roles that social media and likes play in the everyday lives of consumers, and it found that likes were important to more than 60% of those who use social media. More than a third of them would delete a post in less than one minute if that post didn’t receive any likes.

This led the brand to develop #BottomNine, a tool that uses Facebook Login to access a person’s Instagram account and display their nine least-liked images on the platform.

A survey by Kahlúa found more than a third of millennials would delete a social post in less than one minute if it didn’t receive any likes.

Other findings from Wakefield’s survey for Kahlúa included:

  • While 90% of millennials said living in the moment is important, more than half of them have missed important moments while trying to capture them on social media.
  • One-third of respondents would miss social media more than sex if they were stranded alone on an island.
  • Nearly 80% of millennials customize their photos before posting them, with one-fourth spending more than one minute editing them.

Source: AdWeek

Press Release: Kahlúa

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