Oftentimes a client wants to commission a survey around a major news event, like a national holiday, an awareness campaign month or even timed around important legislation that is being passed. Each of these situations presents unique opportunities to use and repurpose your survey data across multiple platforms and vehicles for maximum exposure, including social media posts, infographics, microsites, blog posts, press releases and reports.

Your survey will return information that can be consumed in myriad ways – and Wakefield Research will be there to ensure data quality even after delivering your final results.

Webroot recently commissioned a survey by Wakefield Research to coincide with major changes to international legislation on data security. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the U.K. and the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) legislation in Australia will have far reaching consequences for people working in IT the world over. By timing the survey to be released in connection with these compliance deadlines, Webroot has positioned themselves as a resource to media on this issue. IT Decision Makers will want to know how the U.S. stacks up against other countries in terms of data security compliance and readiness, and Webroot will be ready to answer that call.

Additionally, Webroot took the initiative to create a visually appealing infographic that makes complex data more understandable and digestible for the tech community and lay people alike. Sharing this across social media will spark interest and drive traffic to both their press release and their survey microsite, which lays out survey data in tables for a quick look at in-depth findings.

Congrats to Webroot for positioning themselves as a thought leader in data security readiness and compliance on the eve of major changes to that field!

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