This is the first in a series of three posts about Mommy Bloggers.

42% of Americans regularly follow at least one blog – and in the past few years, mom-bloggers have built a loyal base of followers. With blogger conferences tailored to women and mom-bloggers gaining in popularity, like BlogHer a few weeks ago, and SheStreams on the 23rd and 24th,  it’s not the time to ignore pitching to these mommy mavens.

Following five simple guidelines can help your PR programs make a splash in the mom blogosphere:

  1. Tailor your pitch to your mommy blogger target. Like you research any media target, get to know the blogs before you send outreach. We don’t mean just skim the homepage; read through their posts see what they write about. The last thing you want to do is alienate your target, who is also a consumer, by pitching to them something they will not use – or worse, cover in a negative light.
  2. Align with mom’s family calendar. It isn’t enough for your pitch to just be about Halloween, you need to take into account when moms are thinking about Halloween. It’s all about beating the holiday clock for busy households, and planning is essential for successful child-friendly holidays. Fun, seasonal craft and food ideas require forethought and planning to keep kids happy and busy this hectic time of year.
  3. Don’t underestimate a small blog. Blogs with smaller followings allow the blogger to interact and build relationships with their readers. In fact, a lot of the readers might have a personal connection to the blogger – or even really know them – making the blogger a trusted confidante when it comes to recommending products and activities.
  4. Check the policies of the blogger. Don’t send a free sample to a mom blogger who prides themselves on remaining swag-free. Most sites are upfront about whether or not they will accept and endorse a product, so take the time to dig around and see for yourself what the policies of each blog are.
  5. Remember – they are moms, not news outlets. Mom bloggers want something to talk about. They aren’t going to just post a news pitch. Moms want an experience or activity that not only involves their family, but makes them want to write about it.

Check back next week for more in our Mom Blogger series.

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