Hunter PR and Wakefield Team Up to Spotlight Hunter’s Food Industry Expertise by Naming the Top Food Stories of the Year and Decade

PR folks are always looking for ways to rise above the clutter and generate media coverage for their brands…but what happens when that brand is themselves?  A recent survey commissioned by Hunter Public Relations and conducted by Wakefield Research provides an example.

One way to stand out of the crowd and draw positive attention to your company (and potentially secure new business leads) is through survey research.  A strategic survey helps to elevate a company and position themselves as an industry authority.  In this case, Hunter PR has a wealth of knowledge and PR experience in the food industry, with clients like Kraft, Kellogg’s, Tabasco, and Campbell Soup Company.

With a survey on the top food stories of 2009 and the decade, Hunter can leverage the findings to remind the media, their clients and new business leads of their expertise.