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Did you consider the size of your oven when choosing your current home? I sure as hell didn’t, but then November rolled around and, suddenly, the big question: What size turkey can I fit in there? Though my Thanksgiving instincts say go big and get leftovers (turkey sandwiches!), we opted to play it safe – and turns out we’re not alone. A new survey from Whole Foods and Amazon says that the majority of Americans polled would be buying a bird on the smaller side.

According to a survey of 1,000 American adults, 59 percent of those responsible for purchasing or preparing the turkey said they plan to make or buy a turkey that’s 18 pounds or smaller this year.

“Our stores are seeing a growing trend in shoppers looking for medium-sized turkeys, with customers purchasing additional turkey breast to satisfy the demand for more white meat at the table and avoid the added logistics of a bigger turkey,” said Theo Weening, vice president of meat and poultry at Whole Foods Market.

Beyond the hassle of a giant bird, the survey pointed to another good reason for supplementing a smaller bird with extra turkey breasts: People significantly prefer the breast. Of those polled, half said their favorite part of the turkey is the breast. Meanwhile, only 14 percent said their favorite part was the turkey thigh, and sadly, only 19 percent want to chow down on the leg like some sort of medieval king. Clearly, these people haven’t been to enough Renaissance fairs.

However, when it comes to loving turkey legs, the tides are turning a bit. “More millennials (22 percent) will reach for a leg at the Thanksgiving table, as compared to their Boomer (17 percent) and Gen X (16 percent) loved ones,” Whole Foods explains of the poll. You don’t want that turkey leg? OK, Boomer.

Of course, Whole Foods and Amazon don’t just whip up Thanksgiving surveys out of the goodness of Jeff Bezos’ heart. The poll is being used to promote the brands’ Thanksgiving turkey deals. From November 13 to 28, Amazon and Whole Foods customers can choose from select organic turkeys for $3.49 per pound and classic turkeys for $2.49 per pound, while Prime members will get an extra 50 cents per pound off both. You can grab these deals and reserve your bird at And for the biggest procrastinators among us, Whole Foods states, “On Thanksgiving Day, pickup is available until as late as 1 p.m. and delivery will be available as late as 2 p.m. in some cities.” Great! Here’s hoping I live in “some cities”!

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