Yet another(!) Wakefield Research PR survey has made a splash in the media headlines this week. The Wakefield survey commissioned by Citrix and Edelman PR, revealed astonishing data on home office shenanigans.

Let’s be honest, we all fantasize at some point about working from home, but reality quickly sets in when the agony of sitting at a desk all day becomes apparent. Despite these workplace daydreams, a majority of workers have never had the opportunity to work from home. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean employees wouldn’t bargain a fair trade in order to do so. The survey data revealed that employees would give up their lunch each day (30%), alcohol (25%), and daily indulgence in coffee (20%) to bask in the benefits of working from home.

Office workers who have the luxury of working remotely admit to watching TV or a movie (43%), doing chores (35%), cooking dinner (28%), or taking a nap (26%). Although most workers are still commuting to the office every day, some employees make a quick dash to their office escape routes on occasion. Whether it’s frowned upon or not, nearly 1 in 5 office workers (18%) admit to sneaking out of the office to work out.

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