Fox Business notes the importance of home automation for new buyers in an article on April 2. A survey from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate found that 42 percent of the people asked “would be more likely to brag to a friend about a home automation system over a newly-renovated kitchen.” There is a growing tech trend of integrating automation into homes and making the process more accessible.

When the most expensive terraced home in the U.K. sold for $120 million, one of the features highlighted by Forbes was its “full smart home automation” and impressive technology integration. The survey from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate also highlights the value many homeowners are placing on automated systems as they explore houses on the market. Fox Business mentions that energy savings and eco-friendly house features are motivating them to turn to automation. A recent blog post from SafeMart, a company that provides home automation and security services, also notes that home automation can contribute to energy savings by making things easier to manage. Simple changes like adjusting the lights can cut costs.

Smartphones have made automation a simpler process that allows users instant control, and even Google is experimenting with the idea of home automation according to the system configuration files for the Android OS. Google’s Android@Home concept may still be revived in the future. However, there are already apps and other programs that can make automating a house a manageable idea. For example, SafeMart features a smart home system that can unlock doors remotely or change the thermostat remotely. All of these processes can be controlled by users with smartphones or computers and do not have a difficult learning curve.

Source: Technorati