Pssst: to all you procrastinators who didn’t heed our advice in the “Christmas in July” blog series for long-lead holiday coverage, don’t fret – there’s still time to secure holiday short-lead coverage, but you have to move fast.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, PR pros will be in full force pitching their winter holiday stories. Editors will be bombarded with pitches about finding the perfect holiday gift, making a delicious holiday meal, de-stressing around family and ways to make holiday travel more affordable. What will differentiate your brand from all of the other pitches that editors will receive?

Make your pitch stand out this holiday season with a relevant, newsworthy PR survey designed by Wakefield’s Editorial Panel. Comprised of members of the media, PR executives and expert researchers, our Editorial Panel knows how to use data to tell a story that will resonate with your media targets. Check out how brands such as Western Union and HomeGoods used compelling survey data to break away from the rest of the holiday pack in 2010.

Will your pitch rise to the top of editors’ inboxes this holiday season or will it be relegated to the trash can?