Holiday Pitching 2015

Late With Your Holiday Pitch – Now What?

It’s October, and marketing and PR pros know the holiday season isn’t around the corner – it’s here and now.  Media will always write holiday stories, guaranteed. Being the first to release your story will help you gain holiday and year-end coverage, as will trusted relationships with editors at your target publications and websites.

Challenge & Solution

But what if you are still developing your holiday PR strategy? There is still time to attract media attention with a newsworthy omnibus survey. You just need to get more creative, and pitch smart. Here are some specifics to help you create a compelling PR survey this season:

  1. Get Trendy. Editors are constantly looking for fresh takes on these favorite holiday themes: travel, health, and tech trends. Find ongoing trends you can give a holiday spin to, and support it with data from an omnibus survey. Basing your story idea on solid market research gives your story credibility.
  2. Spice It Up. If your brand is open to pushing the envelope, don’t be afraid to reach for fun, or slightly “naughty” stories. For example, what percentage of people would admit they hate the holidays? Snark, humor and salaciousness get media attention even when the topic has already been covered ad nauseam.

Remember, the best gift you can give your media contacts is a truly interesting and unique holiday story idea.