Rather than “Keeping up with the Kardashians” with your coworkers these days, most people in the office are keeping up with politics. Especially after one of the most controversial presidential elections in U.S. history.

People aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, but how do you talk politics at work without getting fired? Even if you can’t see eye to eye with your peers, what your boss sees is you slacking on the job. A recent survey by performance-management tech company BetterWorks finds talking about politics is preventing people from getting work done.

The company used Wakefield Research to survey 500 full-time employees.

73% have talked politics with their coworkers since the election.

Just over 1/5 read at least 20 political social media posts per workday.

That wastes around 2 hours of work time.

Unsurprisingly, people felt more distracted after reading political social media posts.

Just under half saw a political conversation turn ugly at work.

Experts say to know the right time and place for this kind of talk and to stay neutral whenever you can.

The survey results show it’s hard to concentrate after getting sucked into political chatter, so save it for lunch or after work.

Source: AOL Finance