The New York Post “Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost”

As covered recently in The New York Post, more than one in 10 renters (11%) say they’ve rented a home inhabited by a ghost.

While sharing space with a specter sounds scary, it’s no worse than looking for the perfect pad in tough markets like NYC, SF, or Boston. Which is why Wakefield’s latest survey for revealed just how far some renters would go for the right apartment.

Just in time for the Halloween holiday, more than half (51%) of renters say they’d share their home with a ghost in exchange for free rent.

Some would even take less.  Three in 10 renters (30%) say they’d agree to live with a ghost if they received free utilities.

While the survey results are interesting, they also reveal a widely felt frustration among American renters: its hard to find a place to call home.  Those in need should check out before they settle for splitting rent with the undead.