As you can tell from the fantastic coverage our surveys receive, we work with some amazing PR folks! Case in point: Joico and Allison+Partners recently released the results to a Wakefield Research survey on the importance of wedding day hair.

Joico and Allison+Partners didn’t just pitch the findings, they took it one step further by featuring the results in a webisode that showcased wedding day hairstyles for brides and the mother of the bride. The stats complemented the hair how-to:

  • 73% of American women say the biggest “hair moment” in a woman’s life is their wedding.
  • Nearly 1 out of 3 (30%) of women say having a horrible hair day is worse than tripping while walking down the aisle.

Wedding season is just getting underway and the Joico webisode and survey have already been featured by The Huffington Post.

Should you go the extra mile on your next survey project? Featuring survey findings in a video or infographic can:

  • Help your pitch stand out.
  • Equip bloggers and editors with interactive content.
  • Be leveraged across multiple marketing channels – retail, tradeshows, speaking opportunities, editor desksides, etc.

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