Bridezillas may have met their match.

The annual David’s Bridal “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey revealed that 83% of grooms are now taking a hands-on approach to wedding-related decision making, setting the stage for the rise of another breed of nuptial-planning perfectionist — the Groomzilla.

Two out of three brides reported there was at least one thing that could transform their future husband from a groom-to-be into a full-fledged Groomzilla. For some, that something was the guest list. About a quarter of brides said the music selection would put their men over-the-edge, while 16% answered that honeymoon preparations might trigger Groomzilla tendencies.

However, the survey also showed that the legendary Bridezilla is still alive and well. Roughly one in five brides admitted she wouldn’t trust her groom to make any decisions — at all — without her input. Two in five brides wouldn’t even trust their grooms to pick out their own tuxedos.

Does this mean that wedding planning will soon be an epic battle of Bridezilla versus Groomzilla? Maybe not, as more couples may actually be working together to get everything ready for their big day.

“Weddings are becoming less about the bride and more about the couple,” Sarah Pease, wedding planner and David’s Bridal Style Council member, said in a press release. “I’m seeing that a majority of grooms are not willing to sit back and take a supporting role anymore, especially when it comes to things they find most important on the big day — notably the guests, music and party factor. Grooms care about their nuptials more than most people think and their brides know it!”

Source: New York Daily News