Look out, brides — here come the groomzillas.

David’s Bridal’s annual “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey of newly married or engaged women, released last week, revealed that 83 percent of grooms are or were actively involved in planning the wedding. Sixty-seven percent of brides said there was at least one thing that could turn their grooms into a groomzilla.

What could cause a groom to lose his cool? Thirty-one percent of brides said the biggest trigger is the guest list, 24 percent said the music selection and 16 percent said the honeymoon plans would set off their groom.

However, 18 percent of brides said they wouldn’t trust their grooms to make any decisions without their input, and 41 percent said they don’t trust their grooms to pick out their own tuxes.

A study by British formalwear company Austin Reed earlier this year found a similar trend among grooms-to-be — 60 percent of those surveyed said grooms are more involved in wedding planning than they used to be, and 42 percent think men are just as competent at wedding planning as women.

Another recent survey, by market research company Mintel, found that 19 percent of recent grooms chose their bride’s wedding dress, and almost as many men as women have experienced wedding planning stress.

Source: The Huffington Post