August 29 2023 | In the News

Golden Retriever Goes Viral for Behavior on Pet Cam: ‘Privileges Revoked’

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A pet camera is a great way to check up on your furry friend while you are at work. But one owner was recently shocked to catch her canine doing zoomies and damaging a sofa.

Over 20,000 TikTok users have liked the CCTV footage of Olive, the golden retriever, jumping and running around the living room.

The clip shared by owner @meganjoyy12 has had 196,300 views since it was shared on August 17. The on-screen text states: “Olive got her ‘free roaming’ privileges revoked.”

It turns out that Olive’s owner, Joy, from Salt Lake City, isn’t the only person to catch her canine doing something naughty via a home camera. According to a nationwide survey, 30 percent of 1,000 owners had caught their dogs damaging furniture via a camera and 39 percent had seen their dog lying on the sofa when they weren’t supposed to.

The survey, commissioned by Comcast and conducted by Wakefield Research, also revealed that 84 percent of owners use a camera to make sure their pet is behaving, while over half of participants use one to watch a pet as a “pick me up” during a long day.

It is safe to say Joy’s day certainly got longer when she saw her dog’s destructive behavior. She has since uploaded another clip showcasing the shredded sofa.
The survey results also found that almost half of owners check on their dogs not once, not twice but four times per day.

Recently, Newsweek reported on a cat owner who was shocked to catch her feline “speaking English” while home alone. However, not everybody uses their CCTV to check on pets, and some people still have one for security purposes. One man was recently shocked to discover random dogs taking a dip in his pond rather than burglars breaking into his property.

Despite the damaged she caused, at least Olive managed to put a smile on thousands of faces.

In comments accompanying the footage of the naughty dog, Joy states that Olive was having “the time of her freaking life.”

She also responded to one person who said Olive was “innocent.”

The owner agreed and said: “Innocent only because her celebration was so funny.”

Another dog owner said: “I’m glad to finally come across another dog-mom with the same parenting style as me.”

“This is also why my dog got her free roaming privileges taken,” said another.

“That’s why you have to tire out your dogs,” said another user.

According to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—Angell Animal Medical Center, dogs are usually destructive when they need to release excess energy and when they are anxious.

The MSPCA–Angell states dogs may chew, lick excessively or house-soil when suffering from separation anxiety, fear or boredom. But punishment will not solve the problem, in fact, it will make it worse, and the humane society suggests contacting a certified animal behaviorist in the event of such issues.

Source: Newsweek

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