June 28, 2023 | Blog

Fireworks and Flexibility: How Travelers Are Making July Fourth Their Own


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With the Fourth of July just around the bend, millions of Americans are getting ready to hit the road. Perhaps as important as planning routes and stops is stocking up on snacks. Americans love their snacks, and as they navigate highways and back roads in the heat of summer, satisfying the appetites of fidgety passengers makes for a smoother, more satisfying journey.

When it comes to organizing the perfect road trip, what says personal preference more than our precious road snacks? A surprising 41% would rather control road-trip snacks than road-trip tunes, reveals Frito-Lay’s Snack Index with Wakefield Research. But it’s not all about control: 85% say planning snacks before a trip can greatly reduce the stress of a long journey.

Another way to avoid stress while traveling is to rethink how you get there: among leisure travelers, 50% want to keep things simple due to last year’s travel frustrations, reveals RVshare’s trends report with Wakefield Research. Especially if that simplicity is shrouded in, well, secrecy. More than half of working adults (56%) are very or extremely likely to take a “Hush Trip”—enjoying some R&R without taking the PTO.

So go ahead and pack an extra nibble, even if your boss doesn’t know your location. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Happy trails!

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