December 22, 2023 | Blog

Extreme Weather, Thermostat Wars: The Cold Facts About Conservation, Staying Cozy (and Safe) at Home

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Baby it’s cold…inside. For much of the U.S., this could be the theme song during these months of short days, frigid temperatures, and fretting over the heating bill. In fact, as climate change pushes thermometer readings into extremes both high and low, the family thermostat is smack in the middle of many a battle of wills. Whether you’re a turner-upper or a turner-downer you may be in for a fight.

Thermostat spats can be a family affair, according to a recent Wakefield Research custom PR survey for Hot Pockets. The survey found that rarely or sometimes, 55% of parents have disagreements with their children over the thermostat, and 73% report that rarely or sometimes kids tinker with the thermostat against parents’ wishes.

Beyond haggling over thermostat settings, there’s a lot that those who own homes can do to maintain both comfort and safety as weather grows more extreme. According to a custom survey by Wakefield Research for James Hardie, the majority (76%) of homeowners had their renovation plans impacted by the possibility of extreme weather, with nearly half (47%) acting on their own extreme weather experiences or those of someone they know.

Climate change is a harsh reality for our planet and all its inhabitants. No matter who’s at the controls, it’s time for all of us to be grownups when it comes to energy efficiency and keeping our homes safe from its potential ravages and temperature extremes.

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