A national survey conducted by Hampton Hotels* found that 63% of Americans don’t always get to do what they want on the weekend. In fact, most people spend an average of eight hours during their weekend doing activities that keep them from enjoying their weekend such as family responsibilities (33%), chores (25%), and errands (16%).

Travelista TV’s, Teri Johnson shares some tips on how to identify your “weekend self” and embrace your free time!

Teri Johnson is the Co-Creator, Writer, Executive Producer and Host of Travelista TV, an online video network focused on travel, culture, lifestyle and entertainment around the world. Teri has traveled to over 50 countries, is multi-lingual and is a true adventure seeker. As a travel expert, she has been a guest on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice”, Travel Channel’s “Stuff Rich People Like”, Fine Living’s “All Girls Getaway” and the “Mo’Nique Show”.

Source: WTSP