Wakefield closed out 2012 with a bang – two PR surveys were featured on the TODAY Show and the Charlotte Observer!  Tapping into the media’s love for New Year’s Eve celebrations and champagne, the surveys sparked the interest of editors and producers.

What were the stats that caught their eye?

  • Ringing in the New Year gives Americans a chance to make resolutions and party their pants off – except 2013 didn’t follow suit. A new survey by Wakefield and Hasbro found that Americans were far more likely to be at home than out on the town this past New Year’s Eve. 75% planned to celebrate by staying in, rather than going out.
  • Champagne has long been the go-to for celebratory drinks in the United States.  Yet, according to a 2010 survey by Wakefield and Samuel Adams, 60% of American men (age 21-40) would prefer to celebrate with beer over champagne.