What’s in a name? Shakespeare may have originally coined the famous phrase, but if you’re a small-business owner struggling to attract attention to your blog or company Website, your domain name is a crucial part of your ability to attract eyeballs. Sadly, according to a study of 500 small-business owners (companies with 100 or fewer employees) by Wakefield Research, the majority of small businesses lack critical knowledge necessary to make informed domain name buying decisions. Nearly half (49 percent) of small-business owners surveyed said they tried more than one domain name before settling on their current one, 55 percent believe they have lost business by not having their first choice domain name and 52 percent would change their current domain name given the opportunity. “The right Web address, built on a global, credible domain extension, can make it easy for people to find, remember and refer you customers—and to drive your business forward,” Lori Anne Wardi, co-founder and vice president at .CO Internet, which manages and markets the .co domain, said in a statement. Wakefield Research provided eWEEK with slides to illustrate key takeaways from its domain name study.

Source: eWeek