If so, you’re not alone. A new survey from the makers of Zyrtec reveals that two in three allergy sufferers actually feel less attractive due to a red nose, or watery eyes, and/or a puffy face. With warm weather on the way, it’s finally time to switch indoor living for tons of time outdoors. But for those who suffer from severe allergies, springtime isn’t quite so much fun. This goes deeper the unpleasant physical symptoms. In fact, 81% of women with allergies don’t even think that they can cover up their ‘allergy face’ with makeup—causing them to miss out on spending time with friends or dating.

To help combat any allergy-related beauty blunders, Zyrtec beauty expert, Rebekah George, is offering up three must-try tricks.

Mask with metallics: “To help reduce redness under your nose, opt for an on-trend, high-shine lip gloss in a copper or bronze color,” says George.

Distract with dark lashes: “Embrace the ‘wet’ trend and apply a clear gel to give lashes a wet look,” George recommends. For extra definition, add an extra coat of black mascara.

When all else fails, try self tanner: There are some days when your ‘allergy face’ really has a life of its own. On those days, skip the makeup and try a self-tanner instead for a fresh and healthy glow that lasts all day.

Source: Real Beauty