Does digital communication come at the expense of meaningful interaction?  Texting and other forms of digital communication can be easy fodder for critics who sit on the sidelines.  Those quick “pings” back and forth by email, text or Tweet can’t possibly be meaningful communications, critics insist.

A new study for 1-800-Flowers by Wakefield finds that most Americans (53%) have had a deep, personal conversation – about life, love or other topics – using email, texting, social networking or Twitter.  Talk about some “Tweet” emotions.

Despite concerns that we’ve become a nation of “pingers,” it is actually those who do not use technology to stay in touch who are missing out on meaningful conversations.  In fact, 90% of the people who described themselves as “digital communicators” say they’ve had such a meaningful conversation.  By contrast, only 75% of those who do not call themselves “digital communicators” said they’d had such a conversation.