CES Blog Post 1.16

The 48th annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, kicked off Jan. 3 in Las Vegas, with 3,600 of the top electronics and tech companies around the world debuting new products. Every year, the trade show sets the technological tone for the year – for journalists, investors, tech moguls, consumers and even market researchers (like us). And this year, security, particularly personal device and cybersecurity, is a major topic of discussion.

Our market research has also provided us with insight into what to expect on the personal tech front – including a recent PR survey by Wakefield Research for SecureAuth among cybersecurity pros themselves.

  • Password alternatives. Ninety-one percent of cybersecurity pros believe the traditional password will not exist in 10 years – and some companies unveiled their solution at CES. But a replacement isn’t so simple. Ninety-seven percent believe new authentication techniques such as fingerprint scans or two-factor authentication are reliable, but 81% feel that those authentication methods are prohibitively challenging to implement because they require the latest technology and software.
  • A user experience debate. Greater security doesn’t always mean happier consumers. In fact, 87% of cybersecurity pros are frequently forced to choose between user experience and improved security. And that’s a debate that will continue to unfold throughout 2016 and beyond.