Valentine’s Day is known as the year’s most romantic holiday, full of love and commitment. But for some people, it’s a wake-up call.

If you’re questioning your relationship and need a way out, you’re in luck. Wednesday is National Breakup Day! Virgin Mobile — the pre-paid mobile phone carrier — has declared the day before Valentine’s Day National Breakup Day, encouraging people to break free of unhealthy relationships before the big day. So if you have doubts, and you’re running low on cash on top of that, maybe it’s time to make a move.

A recent survey found that 59% of people said they would break up with their significant other around Valentine’s Day in order to save some money — a fiscally smart move, since the average American is expected to spend about $226 on expenses related to the big day this year. It’s no secret that a relationship can burn a hole in your pocket, so maybe that’s why many people decide that this holiday is a great time to get out of a bad situation.

Moving on can be difficult, and unfortunately, fear of change keeps a lot of people in relationships that don’t make them happy. In fact, the survey found that 42% of people have stayed in “dead-end relationships,” because they were afraid of getting out and trying something new.

National Breakup Day isn’t just about cutting romantic ties; it could be a chance for you to break free from any bad relationship that’s holding you back. The liberating holiday is giving people an incentive to break free from anything that’s costing them too much money, or that they know just won’t last. Virgin Mobile’s incentive? The mobile carrier hopes you’ll break free from your contract cell phone company.

The survey showed that 50% of Americans ages 18 to 24 have experienced a breakup via texting, e-mail or social media, with 26% of that group going through a breakup specifically via text. If that’s on your agenda for this Valentine’s Day, you might as well do it with a brand new smartphone.

Virgin Mobile’s survey showed that people are looking for ways to save money — including ending a relationship — so how about $100 back in your pocked for a new top of the line smartphone? Today, on National Breakup Day, Virgin Mobile is offering to pay up to $100 off the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy SII 4G (with a Beyond Talk no-contract plan).

If you’re tired of paying too much for your monthly phone bill, switching to a no-contract cell phone company is your best move, according to Consumer Reports. A recent survey showed that no-contract companies rated the highest among all smartphone companies.

On top of that, new data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index also shows that people are happiest with no-contract cell phone companies. They offer high speed service, for less money, and the latest and greatest Androids. Plus, most of them allow you to take an unlocked iPhone and switch your service onto their network, which saves a lot over time.

One of the best options is Straight Talk, which is available at Walmart. HLN Money Expert Clark Howard is a big fan of the phone service, which doesn’t trap you in a contract and also saves you a whole lot of money. Straight Talk is a non-contract company that offers a $45 plan for unlimited calling, texting and web service. The most expensive part is paying upfront for the phone, but over time, you can save a lot of money on your monthly bills.

So, if you’re ready to break free and save some money, celebrate National Breakup Day! Then once you have that cheaper unlimited messaging plan, you can get on with other breakups that will save you even more money down the road.

Source: HLN