This is the second in a series of three posts about Mommy Bloggers.

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A recent Wakefield Research study made the mommy blogger rounds. Our poll for StubHub, found that 83% of Americans think being a mom is the hardest job – yet 2 in 5 mamas haven’t had a night out in the past year.

Not only did this study get media hits in major places like Entertainment Weekly and Parade, it even found its way to the blogosphere and LilSugar. This study was successful not only because it was a fun topic that returned great data, but because it followed our 5 tips for pitching mommy bloggers.

Most importantly, the StubHub study really hit a chord with mommy bloggers. Keep in mind that among those that regularly follow blogs (which is roughly 42% of the adult online population), the average reader regularly follows 4 blogs. The stats were interesting and relatable, and gave the bloggers something to talk about.

Check back later this week for the final installation in our Mommy Blogger series.

Coming September 22, 2011
How mommy bloggers can use research.