USA Today Snapshot featuring Dentyne

Yes! USA Today continues its spring fever for Wakefield Research PR surveys. Brave souls on the dating scene can take notes from today’s Snapshot featuring Wakefield’s survey for Dentyne – which asks which unflattering qualities could be overlooked to still have a good date.

Half would not immediately dismiss a date with perspiring palms (50%), and 47% believe a date in wrinkled clothes could still go over smoothly. No time to clean out your ride? No fear, 46% of adults are willing to overlook your mobile trash can. 

One thing most can NOT overlook – bad breath. The study found that only 14% are able to overlook bad breath on a first date.  Just like bad breath, great stats are hard to overlook! Contact Wakefield to see how a creative PR poll can bring positive media attention to your program.

Source: USA Today