Advice from Wakefield’s Editorial Panel

Here’s something to keep in mind when pitching future business stories – BuzzFeed is reportedly set to launch a new business vertical.

With 14 million unique visitors a month, the website is now a social media force. “There is increasingly this big, social conversation around business content that people are sharing and reading, and we want to be in it,” Ben Smith, editor in chief of BuzzFeed tells the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re pitching a brand’s business content to Buzzfeed, make sure it’s entertaining, easy to read, or just silly. Boring stories won’t cut it, so keep the following things in mind:

  • Get creative: BuzzFeed thrives on stories that are exclusive and funny.
  • Get gif-fy with it: The most popular BuzzFeed stories revolve around interesting pictures.
  • Get interactive: BuzzFeed readers love to re-post their favorites on other social media. They also rate your posts with tags such as: “OMG,” “LOL,” “cute,” “win.”

Our advice to PR professionals – get ready with business content that makes people laugh, and let BuzzFeed’s business section help your brand go viral.