Call me a couch potato, but while most people will be holiday shopping at the mall, I’ll be at home making purchases with my trusty iPhone.

Who really wants to brave the crowds on Black Friday? Not me.

I’m planning to do most of my holiday shopping over my iPhone or iPad – and I’m not alone. According to a recent Motricity-Wakefield Research survey of more than 400 Americans, I’m part of the top mobile shopping demographic: Those aged 25-44 are nearly twice as likely to feel that shopping from a mobile device is more convenient than those Gen Y youngsters.

I’m not sure if it’s because Gen Xers are in the heart of their careers and have more disposable income to do more shopping or we’re nearing the age of the couch potato.

Oddly, youngsters value their smartphones more than their computers. More than half of the respondents under 30 would rather give up their computer for six months than their smartphone.

I’m also in the demographic that spends the most money over their mobile devices. Men spent an average $312 on the most expensive item bought on their mobile device, whereas women spent $222. Last week, I bought a pricey briar-wood Peterson’s pipe with a sterling silver band using my iPhone, after losing my old one in the river on a recent fishing trip. That’s not really apropos of much; I’m just happy with the purchase.

Sure, buying gifts for yourself and others from the comfort of your couch on a smartphone isn’t really getting into the holiday spirit. But I’ve been to jam-packed malls, jockeyed for parking, and stood in long lines only to end up buying someone an ugly sweater out of impatience and a strong desire to get the hell out of there.

Even better, I won’t be a victim of iPhone theft by some mall-roaming phone snatcher.

This year’s holiday shoppers will be whipping out their smartphones more than ever before, tracking purchases, comparing prices, checking dwindling bank account balances – and smartphone thieves will be on the lookout for easy marks.

As for me, I’ll be shopping safely and comfortably from my couch.

Source: CIO