The chaos of Thanksgiving weekend shopping has calmed down a bit, but it doesn’t look like mobile shopping is going to slow down quite just yet.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday yielded a high volume of engagement in mobile commerce among consumers, and its popularity and usage is expected to soar even higher as the holiday season continues.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many large retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart offered staggering deals to encourage customers to shop online, which in turn produced an increase in purchases made on mobile devices.

A study by Motricity showed that 70% of mobile device-shoppers made more purchases from their smartphone in 2011 than they did in 2010.

We’ve said it before, but this may prove to be the biggest year for mobile commerce thus far.

Quick Facts:

  • Mobile platforms were responsible for 14.3% of all online shopping traffic on Black Friday, according to IBM.
  • Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day brought record mobile engagement for PayPal, with over 500% increases in global mobile payment volume compared to 2010.
  • On Black Friday, mobile shopping was led by Apple, with the iPhone and iPad ranking one and two for consumers shopping on mobile devices, according to IBM.
  • By 3PM E.S.T on Cyber Monday, mobile users had accounted for 7.7% of all online shoppers, which more than tripled last year’s numbers, according to Dow Jones.

What’s Next?

If you’re a brand, small business, or large retailer, take advantage of all the mobile shoppers. Shoppers are going to continue looking for deals and discounts into December as they’re finishing up their holiday shopping, so make sure to leverage mobile marketing to reach those consumers by doing the following:

  • Create a mobile-friendly website for shoppers surfing the Web for deals on their mobile devices.
  • Issue mobile coupons through text messaging to target the consumers looking for deep discounts.
  • Implement QR codes at the point-of-sale to encourage customer interaction.
  • Consider the different ways in which consumers interact on their mobile devices, including peak days of the week and times of day that they browse the Web, send text messages, check their social networking sites, look for coupons, etc.

Retailers, businesses, and brands— gear up for the rest of the holiday season. Shoppers are going to be active on their mobile devices, so take advantage of users’ increased mobile engagement during the holidays by creating an integrated campaign that reinforces your message, raises awareness, and creates excitement so that consumers will want to engage with you.

Source: Technorati